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Arizona Main Street

A Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Since 1986, the Arizona Department of Commerce, Main Street Program has made a difference in the lives of countless Arizona residents by providing communities the opportunity to revitalize their traditional downtown commercial business districts through economic development and historic preservation. Established by ARS § 41-1505.02 the program “provides for the revitalization of central business districts in rural communities of this state.”

Main Street business owners, building owners, and local government officials have learned to promote their downtown business districts, retain and enhance the authentic character of their existing historic commercial buildings, market their wares, attract new customers and better serve the ones they have.

Together we have learned that the future of Main Street will likely be determined by the community's ability to find a sustainable economic purpose. Without ECONOMIC VITALITY, the Main Street goals of DESIGN, ORGANIZATION, and PROMOTION will not be achievable. Profound changes are occurring within America's retail and service sectors that are directly affecting our communities.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Arizona's Main Street program is a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's National Main Street Center. In the 1970s, the National Trust developed the Main Street approach to commercial district revitalization, an innovative methodology that combines historic preservation with economic development to restore prosperity and vitality to downtowns and neighborhood business districts.

Visit the National Trust website to learn more.

2009 Arizona Main Street Awards

Governor Jan Brewer presented the awards at the Governor’s Rural Development Conference on August 28, 2009. Congratulations to the winners!

For additional information contact:
Tom Doyle
State Coordinator
(602) 771-1212

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The map above shows the Main Street Programs throughout the State.

Accredited Main Street Communities