Drone pilots and drones must be in compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws and licenses, as well as, be able to provide proper FAA licensing documentation, and drone liability insurance*, if requested. Drone Pilots are required by federal law to follow the requirements of the FAA’s Part 107 Small UAS Rule to fly a drone for commercial use within the state of Arizona. This includes passing the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test. Drone Pilots must fly drones with public safety as the HIGHEST priority. Special Drone use fees may apply depending upon each specific location. Drone use may be prohibited within certain locations unless the film project is granted a waiver in special circumstances by the Location Owner/Manager.  FAA Part 107 Waivers may also be requested

*Drone insurance is required for filming over Arizona Department of Transportation managed roads, highways, and bridges during the Arizona Department of Transportation permitting process.  Visit - ADOT Film Permits

Drone Laws in Arizona - The UAV Coach Website provides summaries of drone laws applicable in Arizona as well as weblinks to other drone resources.

FAA - Getting Started with DronesFAA App “B4UFly” allows you to see if you are in restricted airspace when you turn it on, but you have to be in the exact location where you intend to fly. Free FAA Drone Webinars

City of Phoenix Drone Use: 

You cannot fly a drone where it is not permissible, for example, Phoenix managed parks do not allow drones use, unless:

1) You are issued a Phoenix Film and Digital Media Permit to do so.


2) They are flown in one of our 8 parks permitted for model aircraft – but cannot be flown over a “non-participant” (meaning someone not associated with the production OR moving vehicles) NOR in restricted airspace.  And they must have taken a class and been issued a UAS license.

Restricted airspace (defaults to Santa Monica, but pull back on image to reset to Phoenix): https://app.airmap.io/. Toggle the “All” option to see where the Class B and D restrictions are which impact the City of Phoenix. If you want to film within the shaded area, you must apply for and receive a waiver from the FAA. This can take 60-90 days to obtain.

For additional questions contact:

Phil Bradstock
Phoenix Film Commissioner

Jeremy Grogan
Federal Aviation Administration
Aviation Safety Inspector
WP07 Scottsdale, AZ
480-419-0330 ext. 246

To discuss further drone use, contact local drone operators who are knowledgeable of drone rules/restrictions.