Labor Laws

The following resources are provided to help your production follow federal and state-regulated labor laws that govern the entertainment industry.



Arizona Child Labor Laws exempt child (persons under the age of 18) performers in motion pictures, theatrical, radio or television productions, so long as the production company provides the Department of Labor of the Arizona Industrial Commission with the name, and address of the person, the length, location, and the hours of employment, and any other information required by the department before the production begins (AZ Statute 23-235). Please find specifics to include and contact the address below.

When provisions of both Arizona Child Labor Laws & Federal Child Labor Laws are applicable, the employer must abide by the law that provides the youth with the greatest protection (AZ Statute 23-242). If the Arizona Industrial Commission has reasonable cause to believe an employer is violating Arizona Child Labor Laws, it may serve on the employer a cease and desist order informing the employer of the act that violates the law and the employer’s right to a hearing. The cease and desist order will include a civil penalty of not more than $1,000 against the employer who is accused of violating Arizona Child Labor Laws (AZ Statue 23-236). Employers who are found to have violated Arizona Child Labor Laws are guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor (AZ Statute 23-239). The AZ Dept.of Labor can be contacted for more information and complaints.
The production company should include the following information in their letter to the Arizona Industrial Commission:
*Name and address of the child performer
*Film project title
*Production company name, address, phone number, e-mail address
*Production start-up and completion dates
*Hours of employment
*Location(s) of employment
*Other pertinent information

Address and send the letter to the following:

Victoria Kamm*
Program and Project Specialist
Lead Investigator
Industrial Commission of Arizona
Labor Department
PO Box 19070
Phoenix, AZ  85005
Direct Line:  602 542-5571
Fax:  602 542-8097
Email: Victoria.Kamm@azica.gov.

*Please contact us if you become aware that the contact person above is no longer in that position so that we may maintain the accuracy of this information. Email: info@GoFilmAZ.com.


Arizona is a right-to-work state that welcomes both union and non-union film and digital media projects. “Right-to-Work” means that a person cannot be compelled to join a union/labor organization, nor can a person’s employment be withheld because of membership or non-membership in a union/labor organization. 

"No person shall be denied the opportunity to obtain or retain employment because of nonmembership in a labor organization, nor shall the State or any subdivision thereof, or any corporation, individual or association of any kind enter into any agreement, written or oral, which excludes any person from employment or continuation of employment because of non-membership in a labor organization."(AZ Statute 25).

For union-related projects please find the following resources:

SAG-AFTRA - Arizona/Utah Contacts

Teamsters - Local 104

IASTE - Local 336 (Phoenix, Prescott)

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