Pyrotechnics & Fire Safety

Pyrotechnics, fire, and explosive device special effects are used in numerous film & digital media productions around the world. Each locality and jurisdiction may have varying rules and regulations and/or recommendations and advisory information that your production should follow and be familiar with to ensure the health and safety of your entire production, the surrounding communities, and the environment.

Here are some resource tools to assist you while filming in Arizona. 

Regarding Fire burns & Pyrotechnic displays see the following information and contact the jurisdictional environmental offices below:

Maricopa County - Rule 314, Sections 317 pertaining to Section 302 General Requirements  "No Burn" Days Calendar - http://cleanairmakemore.com/

Call the department at  (602)506-6010 to inquire if your specific burn MAY actually BE EXEMPT during an active burn day time period.

Pinal Countyhttps://www.pinalcountyaz.gov/AirQuality/Pages/home.aspx


Pima Countyhttps://webcms.pima.gov/government/environmental_quality/air/


ALL other areas: Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality.

Open Burn Permit Information

Air Quality Permit Liaison

Water Quality Permit Liaison


Waste Permit Liaisons
Solid and Biohazardous
Hazardous Waste
Underground Storage Tanks

Arizona Flame Retardant resources:

Fire-safe, fire-retardant paint, additive, and spray available from Arizona company, Flamecheck International, visit Flamecheck.com

Arizona Pyrotechnic Companies:

Fireworks Productions of Arizona - FireworksAZ.com 

480-948-0090 (office)
1-877-948-0090 (toll-free)
Additional industry resources:

Alliance of Special Effects and Pyrotechnic Operators (ASEPO)

Safety Advisory for Fire and FX in Entertainment
SAFFE is a non-profit organization for the open dialogue, training, presentation, and demonstration of fire and life safety practices in the entertainment industry.

Contact Arizona Fire Departments by County